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The first real church organization was in the spring of 1909 when a permanent chapel was arranged for in the Armory. This was a wonderful step for it created a center with the atmosphere of religion. It was decorated by Mr. McNalley and the ladies of the parish. Among the faithful few were Mr. W.P. Goodwin, Mrs. Sample, Mrs. Bullion, Mr. and Mrs. Finn, Mrs. Egan, Mr. and Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Jesse Hearin, Mrs. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Trinca, Miss Mahoney, Mrs. Robins, Mr. and Mrs. Coule, Mr. and Mrs. Moran, Judge McMahon, Mr. McNalley, and Mr. Kennelley. There probably were a few other families at this time. Mr. and Mrs. Egan, Mr. and Mrs. Antoon, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ellis arrived shortly after this. The growth of the parish was slow for the population to a great extent was of a transitory nature. Still around the nucleus of some of the above families who were permanent residents, the church existed, as a Catholic unit. Father Matthew labored in a broad missionary field and could not devote a great deal of time to El Dorado. His visits were regularly once every month when possible on a Sunday but very frequently the Sunday was impossible. With the growth of the diocese, the Most Reverend John B. Morris, the third bishop of Little Rock appointed Father Doyle as pastor in the spring of 1911 and since that time Mass was said regularly once a month on a Sunday. Rev. Dr. Clarendon followed Father Doyle as pastor and when it was impossible for him to no longer continue the work, due to his labors in Little Rock College, the Rev. Father Hoflinger and the Rev. Peter Post, OSB, had charge of the parish. Father Tynin succeeded next as pastor and then the Rev. Harold Heagney took charge. All this time Mass was said in the little chapel that was first made a permanent church center in 1909. All these years saw only one mission but during this time the growth of religion was steady and strong and the Sunday School became a source of real good. The beginning of the year 1921 saw a great change. Oil was discovered and El Dorado became overnight a veritable beehive of activity. No longer was it possible to hold service in the little chapel, which for ten years had been the center of religion. A chapel was built on some property set aside for that purpose by W.P. Goodwin. It was not a very large pretentious church but Mass was regularly said twice on every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation. El Dorado was not yet a parish with a resident pastor, but all the usual services were held. The congregation increased immensely and the need for constructing a larger edifice was felt. A Board of Wardens was organized and steps were taken to finance the project. The Ladies' Aid Society was of invaluable assistance in making the erection of a permanent church suitable and fitting for the greatly increased congregation.

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Red-Headed Woodpeckers like the one in this picture are native to a large part of the South including El Dorado.

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